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Community Spotlight - Gaurav

By Shαdows   |   02 Jun 04:51 UTC | Updated on 02 Jun 04:55 UTC

Name - Gaurav.

TMP - Gaurav.3419

Question: What games do you like besides Trucking?

Games Beside Truck sims - Assetto Corsa, Xplane, MSFS, a bit if CSGO for a change.

Question: What other hobbies do you like to do?

Hobbies - Skating, Exploring new places.

Question: What do you think about ATM and it's community?

Thoughts on ATM - ATM is my first proper Western VTC, before this it was only regional, ATM has been very professional and welcoming. It has kept me busy with Ranks, Divisions and helped me to retain my interest in ETS.

Question: What is your favorite truck in ATS and ETS2, and why?

Favourite Truck - ETS its Scania S as I have many save edits for it, The new Man is also my favourite as of now due to balance is Power and capability, its like the best truck for loads of 18-22T and easily caries it for 3000km in one single tank at 150km/h. ATS its the Kenworth W900 due to its old skool systems and long nose, perfect for a relaxing drive.

Question: If you are not yet one, do you want to be a real truck driver? If so why? If not, why?

Irl Truck driver - I don’t think so, I’ve always wanted to be a Pilot, I like to fly high, and trucking you have no idea where you’ll rest, where you’d be heading so its too challenging to say the least so its not my type and the society in India wouldn’t let me be one.


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