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ATM Recap - May Edition!

By Blizzy87   |   09 Jun 01:08 UTC | Updated on 03 Aug 14:47 UTC

Foreword - Office of the CEO

To our Drivers & Staff, keep it up! We had a great month in May we celebrated 2 Years of operations and we can’t wait for what the future brings! On behalf of the Leadership, we are very proud of your dedication to ATM and all what we have accomplished. Let the summer roll in! I’ll see you At The Mile!

~ Shadows - Founder and CEO

Foreword - Editor's Desk

It's been great to look back and reflect on what our drivers, staff, and leadership have accomplished over the past month! Our staff particularly have put in work to show that ATM is the premiere VTC to be a part of. It has certainly been great spending the start of my spring with this wonderful crew, and I hope you've enjoyed what we put together this month!

~ Blizzy - Lead Developer, Human Resources Supervisor

Welcome to the May Recap!

April showers have certainly not put a damper on May flowers here at At The Mile, as we've witnessed a hot streak about as scorching hot as the newfound summer weather! Our drivers have kept at it, and our staff have been hard at work on developing some fancy new gadgets for you to leverage in your adventures. All this and more in this edition of the ATM Recap!

Driver Statistics

Our drivers continue to be as active as they can be, with our unique driver delivery total coming in at 94 unique drivers (less any retired drivers). These 94 fine drivers clocked in an amazing 1.298 million kilometres! As always, here are your stats to make you realize how large that number actually is:

  • This distance represents over 61 trips across the Great Wall of China, or
  • over 34 trips along continental Europe's coastline, or
  • 324,604 laps of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (that's over 1623 Indy 500s!), or
  • over 4988 Monaco Grand Prix!

As far as last month, this figure represents an outstanding 16.5% increase in mileage logged. All this distance comes with its perks - our drivers managed to haul in a gross revenue of over $60 million! This puts our Q2 2023 running total at $111 million - crazy figure!

Finally, a well-deserved congratulations to our top 3 mileage drivers:

  • In third place, with 60,328 kilometres: Jiyv!
  • In second place, with 62,989 kilometres: The Crazy Aussie!
  • In first place - do they even need an introduction? With 179,999 kilometres: david12567!

Congrats to all winners, and best of luck to our June competitors!


Here at At The Mile, we cultivate a culture of excellence, precision, and plain ol' fun on our staff and driver teams. However, there are some individuals that go beyond their calls to duty, and who make it their goal to accomplish something massive. This month's class of recognitions is no different - I'm sure you'll see the same qualities of sheer excellence in their talent that I do!

Driver of the Month - Ghostie23

Ghostie has furnished At The Mile with an incredible month of driving - with 37,671 kilometers of travel and a further 106,000 event points, Ghostie has solidified themselves as a solid cog in our driver core. Ghostie's presence is also an often celebrated one on our team, and we look forward to the work they'll be putting in to close out Q2 2023! Here's a few snapshots from the recipient interview:

What drew you to ATM originally? What keeps you drawn to ATM?

I wanted to join a great community like ATM and getting to know other people within the VTC and I'd love to stick with ATM for many months and years.

How was this month special for you, if at all? What did you accomplish this month that you're proud of?

This month I have been working hard by attending all events and doing jobs for my division and I like to accomplish it by attending more events and taking great photos.

What does being an ATM Driver mean to you?

Being a driver for ATM has been a blast and I will continue doing that and I prefer ATM to any other VTC as it's friendly and I mostly enjoy driving with other drivers and mostly talk in VC.

Any particular people you want to shoutout?

I wanna give a big shoutout to Shadows for everything I needed help with and being the best CEO and Events manager.

Congratulations, Ghostie!

Staff of the Month - NumberHunter91 & ATG

I can hear the shock - two winners?! When you're dealing with a team as well-rounded as At The Mile's, sometimes the choice can be ridiculously difficult - we feel we've made some good picks, though!

NumberHunter has been putting in an amazing month of helping to kickstart some of our Special Divisions practices, including reviving a few from the dead! As well as this, he was instrumental in spinning up our latest division, Agricultural (read more later!), and was a key part of ensuring our Special Divisions ran flawlessly through May. To say we appreciate his work would be a gross understatement!

ATG has been on the ball with every HR task that someone could think up! ATG's efforts in responding to our HR applications both as fast and as precisely as possible have created a new fire within the department. To be a strong member of a department is one thing, but to utilize one's leadership role to spark a flame in others around you is a bit of a rarity!

Here's some snippets from their interviews:

I appreciate Shadows and Georgie giving me the opportunity to be a member of staff within the VTC. In my time here so far I have recently helped to get Agricultural Division up and running as well as updating the cargo lists for each Division. I have recently updated the activity checker for all the Special Division Supervisors to use to help keep track of their respective Divisions. Looking ahead I hope that we can do some more Division Convoys on TMP to help showcase just how good ATM are as a VTC and prove that we, as a VTC, can battle with the best of them.

What drew you to ATM originally? What keeps you drawn to ATM?

ATG: I had joined the server on March 1st 2022, but was part of a different VTC at that time, and during several months I had made some friends which were from ATM, so on September 16th 2022, I joined ATM and never regretted my decision!

How was this month special for you, if at all? What did you accomplish this month that you're proud of?

ATG: Managing over 20 applications, which made me become more professional handling applications.

What does being an ATM staff member - and, in particular, one in your department(s) - mean to you?

ATG: Human Resources, which lets me give support to both community members and VTC members, as well as doing Community Moderation works.

Congratulations to both winners!

New Additions & Promotions

A new month means more new and returning staff, as well as some promotions and new opportunities!


  • average_xd joins Events Team. (May 1st)
  • Farmer Rob, average_xd, and Proyo786 pass their Events Team trial period. (May 18th)


  • Sticks re-joins Development Team. (May 4th)
  • Blizzy is promoted to Lead Developer. (May 6th)


  • NumberHunter91 is promoted to Special Divisions Supervising Team. (May 18th)
  • mth is promoted to Special Divisions Supervising Team. (May 20th)

A New Division?

A truck comes to a stop on the side of the road just up the road from your house. The driver appears to be hauling a load as per usual but... is that... mooing?

That's right, folks! The market is piping hot for any agricultural deliveries across America and Europe - and At The Mile is at the forefront! We are proud to announce the Agricultural Division - led by our new Special Divisions Supervisor, mth, the Agricultural division has already been making waves in our community, pulling in impressive amounts of applications across the VTC!

As June roars to life, we hope to see the continued amazing work of our Agricultural division drivers and staff!

This Month and Going Forward

ATM sits very comfortably at 245 drivers at time of writing! We're so happy to see so many amazing people finding a home in At The Mile - and you could be next!

As above, we were also proud to debut the Agricultural division on May 21st, and the Construction livery - as promised! - saw a key overhaul that makes it one of the more visually stunning looks on the roads of TruckersMP today.

Lastly and most importantly, a massive thank you to all the attendees of At The Mile's 2 Year Anniversary! We had a blast rocking out on the event server, and it was a great time getting to host everyone in attendance. Keep an eye on our events page for more opportunities to come feel the ATM spirit!

That's all from me - whew, can you feel the heat yet? Your goal this month: keep being the amazing community you all are a key part of! Not a part of our community? Drop in to our Discord server to beat the heat - and maybe apply to be our next driver!

As always, it's see you later until next month, from your favorite recap author!

Photo credits: BrutalOutlander, Jeffy, Daner, seven4tor, Partydoos (Agricultural banner)


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