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Pries Logistics 1 Year Anniversary - Results

By BL4CK$K1LL   |   15 Apr 19:22 UTC

Greetings everyone 👋

On behalf of Pries Logistics Management, I would like to thank everyone who attended our 1st Anniversary event held a few days ago.

Our event server was full of 500 participants across the whole time with some people in the queue which far exceeded our wildest expectations. When requesting the server we were thinking about 300 slots and decided to have 200 slots as a backup but it turned out we had to request around 700 slots to make everyone able to join and celebrate our first birthday together! We will request a larger server for our future events for sure, so everyone can join.

We are truly humbled by the amazing feedback from so many people during and after the event, over the in-game chat and via our Discord servers, we are glad to hear that you enjoyed spending those hours together with us on that special day. We heard your words about the convoy speed and the fact that the event was not officially streamed by us and we will try our best to improve that on our future events. If you have any positive or negative feedback which you think can help us with the improvements, you can leave it here. You can submit the form anonymously, however, if you enter your Discord username and stay on the Anniversary Event Discord until we conclude the results, you might get a chance to win Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC.

Huge shoutout to Rock and Roll Convoys crew that decided to support our event and helped us within the Convoy Control team. They all did their job on the top-quality and we really appreciate that. As well as a pretty professional Convoy Control team, we had an amazing Media Team and GM Support. Unfortunately, nobody was able to record the video of the event but we have lots of decent pictures of the participants, so make sure to check them out at our website gallery.

We have plans to start hosting public convoys soon, so make sure to stay tuned and wait for further announcements. Looking forward to seeing you again anytime soon on our future public convoys/events.



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