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Driver & Employee of the Month - April 2020

By 19049_Spy   |   22 Sep 18:08 UTC

Greetings Pries 👋

It is time to announce the 🚚 Driver of the Month & 🚛 Employee of the Month for the previous month!

In April there were lots of drivers who were active on Discord as well as in-game but there is one who stood out and that is CuteCat! He managed to drive over 203K KM, attended 4 convoys, a few quick meet-ups and finished 130 deliveries. Apart from the outstanding activity in-game, he was pretty active on our Discord server as well.

As most of you probably know, there was lack of Examiners last month and due to the high amount of applications, the Examination Team was overloaded, however, we managed to survive and the person who made that possible is oscarxr. His motivation was not that good but he still put his emotions and feelings on the side and did his duties on top-quality. He dealt with the high amount of applications and helped our new team members during their trial period a lot, so we believe he more than deserves to be nominated.

Congratulations to both 🎉

We are really proud of the work they did during the past month and that is why they are going to get 100 XP as an award as well as a fancy role 🚚 Driver of the Month & 🚛 Employee of the Month which is displayed separately at the top of the members list on our Discord

We appreciate the hard-work and activity from our VTC members a lot. Lots of amazing people joined us in the last few months and together we can make this place much better. Keep it up and let's see who will show themselves this month!

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