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Pries Monthly Newsletter - May 2020

By *Winged*   |   21 May 05:48 UTC

Greetings everyone,

It has been a while since our latest newsletter and we believe it is the right time for us to share all the news we have. Let's start!

900 Discord Members

That's right, our Discord server has just hit over 900 members and that is amazing news for us because it is unbelievable how fast did we grow up. We would like to thank all the community members who are supporting us from the 1st day when this server was opened and we are looking forward to celebrating bigger numbers together!

Suggestions Chat

As you might notice, the suggestions chat disappeared and the reason behind is that our community members were making suggestions rarely and most of them were done by our drivers, so we changed the visibility of the chat only for the VTC members. If you have an idea which can improve our Discord server, bot or the website, you can always reach the VTC Management via DM.

Notified Role

Our Discord community became pretty big last time and tagging everyone is not a good decision because not all the members enjoy pings, especially when it comes to something that they are not interested in that much, so we decided to create the @Notified role which all of our Discord members already have. If you do not want to get a tag when we make announcements and host giveaways, you can navigate to #bot-commands and type !notified to unassign the role.


To celebrate 900 members we decided to host giveaways where we are giving away Washington DLC. To participate you have to react in #giveaways channel on our Discord Server.

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