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TeamAudi Public Convoy title Announcement

By Chemistry_TMP   |   16 Oct 2023 19:28 UTC | Updated on 16 Oct 2023 19:30 UTC

Howdy, everyone.

I'm Chemistry_TMP, working on TeamAudi VTC as Project Manager.

We decided to change the TeamAudi Public Convoy title in 2024. till now, We have named the public convoy, "TeamAudi Public Convoy - Season [Month]".

However, When we name like that continuously, Public Convoy naming consistency disappears. Therefore, Project Management and Event Management decided to remove the old name, and create a new name "TeamAudi Public Convoy - #n".

Shortly, The TeamAudi VTC's Public Convoy naming scheme will be changed.

[Before] - TeamAudi Public Convoy - Season January/February/March/ ..... /October/November/December

[After] - TeamAudi Public Convoy - #1, TeamAudi Public Convoy - #2, ....

This modification will be implemented from 2024, Jan. after approximately a 2.5-month grace period.

Additionally, the Spring Convoy, Summer Convoy, Autumn Convoy, and Winter Convoy names also will be removed after 2023. The name will be used as only sub-titles. Only the TeamAudi Nth Anniversary Event will be maintained.

Thanks you.


TeamAudi Project Manager


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