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By ...AdamCat   |   17 Jan 2022 20:30 UTC | Updated on 14 Feb 2022 19:01 UTC

Tonight (17/02/2022) a few of our members took part in a private members convoy from Salzburg, Austria all the way up to Prague in the Czech Republic. The event was organised by the VTC Event Manager Laggy_Lucas

If you aren't aware with the term "members convoy" this is where a VTC or group organizes a private event for a specific group of people, in this instance it was for Apex Logistics members only however this isn't to say that we won't invite other individuals, groups or even VTC's in the future to join our Private events.

Here's a little bit from our event manager Laggy_Lucas about tonight's event : 4 of us attended tonight OllyBoy, JJirwin, me & Chris. They all said how amazing the route was especially using the new TruckersMP snow mod that has been supported once again for us to use this winter, they really enjoyed driving the route as it had some very challenging roads and also lots of tunnels and scenic qualities.

Thanks for reading our latest news post we really hope you enjoyed it! Apex Logistics Management


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