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February Update

By ...AdamCat   |   14 Feb 2022 19:00 UTC | Updated on 03 Apr 2022 18:13 UTC

Hello all, It's been a month since the last update so I'll give you all a brief understanding of what's going on in the VTC at the moment.

We currently have 17 great drivers, with our most recent driver Salty joining on the 31st January As said in the last update we were on the way to VTC Validation, and I'm happy to announce to those of which who don't already know that we achieved this goal!

Our Public discord server reached 105 members which means we are still steadily increasing day by day. There will also be some more and exciting news coming in the next few weeks which We're sure you'll all be happy to hear so stay tuned for that, however that's all for now so stay safe, don't crash and get those jobs delivered to the TruckersMP HQ

Bye for now Apex Logistics Management

Credits to Chris Credits to Lucas[GER] Credits to Lucas[GER]


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