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March Update

By ...AdamCat   |   03 Apr 2022 18:13 UTC | Updated on 01 May 2022 12:05 UTC

Hello All, Adam here again. March has been a very busy month for us, one of our Founders Crash left us along with another manager of ours which came to a big surprise to the rest of our staff!! But we haven't let this affect our convoy attendance along with some of our drivers delivering the most amount of cargo that has ever been delivered in the History of Apex Logistics which is absolutely amazing to see. I have to say a big warm welcome to those of our new drivers, and wave goodbye to those that have left us. We do hope to see you again in the future as there will always be a spot for you at APL.

Onto another topic, I personally been teaching myself how to edit pictures... mostly of Apex Trucks because they look great, so if you're interested then I'll post some of these below this.

At the moment we have 13 drivers which is a little less than last month although there are some pending applications atm so let's hope for the best and good luck to those who have applied. Our discord server has 123 members so we're still steadily growing.

That's all for now, see you on the roads and make sure to drive safe!


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