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February Summary

By Markz90   |   05 Mar 2022 01:59 UTC | Updated on 19 Mar 2022 00:53 UTC

Since we started this project we didn't thought that we would become validated by TruckersMP. In February we established some milestones for our small community.

  • The first convoy attending as a VTC
  • Getting the first invite to some convoys
  • Launching our website
  • Getting one of the validated VTC

As we were, at first we had 7 drivers and now we reached already 18 drivers.

Our first participation as a VTC was on a charity event from TGO.

Getting the first invite to an event launched some hope in us and many invites came afterward. We are deeply grateful to everyone!

Having a website caused a few mind storms and after a few brain damages, we launched it.

Becoming a validated virtual truck company by TruckersMP was a a great challenge.

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