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📍 CONSPEED - Looking Forward to the Future

By Acvilla   |   29 Nov 2022 21:00 UTC | Updated on 06 Jan 01:10 UTC

Good afternoon!

In our latest meeting with the VTC's management, we have debated and discussed a couple of important aspects regarding the VTC's future. I must state that we have many plans aiming to improve and make our VTC even better than before. There are a couple of key-points which I will mention below:

Important changes:

  1. Partial community re-design.
  2. Increasing the number of convoys which we can attend as a community on a monthly basis.
  3. Other exciting news which will be officially announced next month.

Minor changes:

  1. Small adjustments to our Discord server's ticket tool.
  2. Demoting those who have not met our 3 convoys per month minimum requirement.
  3. Showing a fair treatment to each and every member of our community. Regardless of their rank or their area of involvement, our full set of rules is simple and no one is allowed to break them.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my last post. It's been a pleasure for me to be part of this great community as a COO, co-ordinating it and improving it and seeing that everything developed according to my plans. It would take me a lot of time to describe the way I successfully co-operated with each of the following CONSPEED staff members which I will mention below, but I will try to keep it short:

  1. iChanter for successfully creating individual driver licenses for each member of the community and for re-designing the community itself.
  2. ADJ - Silithor for solely doing a fantastic job as a "rookie" event manager, before we got the Verified status.
  3. [Theo] for following my lead when the community was down and for not giving up on this project, regardless of the circumstances back then.
  4. ADJ - Antaury for being strict and efficient as a Senior HR.
  5. ADJ - AlexGogo for being one of the most skilled video and photo editor of this community and for motivating us when there was little to no hope of reaching our goals.
  6. dorinelcosmin for being very active and helping out wherever we needed help.
  7. Mofo01 for proving that he is fully-dedicated towards this project and for doing his best in order to keep the project going.
  8. Alin2K20 for always staying positive and helping us in so many ways.



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