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One month check in!

By AtomicFPV   |   05 Apr 2022 18:16 UTC | Updated on 05 Apr 2022 18:20 UTC

Well its been a month today since Twisted Transport was formed ! yet it seems like a lifetime.

In the short time we have been running we have acheived so much (and learned alot), we have gone from approx 15 of us to a massive 75 Members in our community so far ! We are validated already on TMP and working closer to verification. We have also gained 4 partnerships with well known VTC's and in talks with many many more. We attended our first partnered convoy the other day and we was the highest attendance VTC there, We are also getting noticed around TMP and becoming a recognized VTC !!

It's been an absolute brilliant month guys and what we have achieved is something everyone can be proud of, although most members have pulled their socks up there are a few i would like to thank for all their extra hard work and dedication and the time they have put in.

Founder | DavJaVu


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