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STAFF ROLE GUIDELINES: What each of our teams are for!

By AtomicFPV   |   29 Apr 2022 19:33 UTC | Updated on 29 Apr 2022 19:37 UTC


Recruitment: Arrange recruitment drives several times a week in groups through busy areas posting messages, Answer applications from TMP and conduct verbal interviews. Issue Roles to sucessfull members and ensure they are set up with convoy truck / trucksbooks and in game tag.

Convoy Control: Use saved locations to divert traffic in the right direction, or to conduct real ops. also to help assist the Recruitment team on recruitment drives.

Media Team: Use saved locations to take photographs and video footage of our convoys, making banners and other types of personalised advertisments etc.. relating to Website, Discord, TMP.

Events Team: Booking and managing events, speaking with our Partners and ensuring we keep up with TMP rules regarding verification, Answering event related tickets.

Driver Management: Ensuring drivers are being respectful in Discord and TMP, Drivers are following TMP rules whilst also representing our VTC.

General Management: Ensuring all Managers are being respectful and acting accordingly to the roles given, offering support where needed. General Manager will also manage Discord, Roles and other general aspects of the VTC and finally supporting High Staff.

Union Representive: Ensuring fairness and support to all our Members. Also Investigating events which have lead to a disiplinary ! this role may include acting on their behalf if needed and where possible also forming an appeal to high staff if suitable grounds exist.


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