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We've Just Hosted our First Fully QA Tested Event!

By (TT VTC) ThatGuyBrian   |   04 Jan 15:00 UTC | Updated on 04 Jan 15:00 UTC

We've Just Hosted our First Fully QA Tested Event!

We're back for 2023! and there's no better way to kick off the year than a well-planned and well-executed event. Over the recent months, the Events Team have been working hard to revamp our processes in how we take and handle event information, and more importantly how we create our own events.

Part of this revamp includes a new Quality Assurance process that will be carried out on the majority of the events we plan to host, ensuring a much higher standard of event quality than the previous year.

As we continue to test our events for Quality Assurance we will gain a better understanding of where most errors arise, that way we can act upon such errors before they even show up on the QA test itself.


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