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One Year Aniversary !

By Acer_TMP   |   15 Apr 20:33 UTC | Updated on 15 Apr 20:35 UTC

Good Evening Truckersmp

More than one year ago, four friends decided to take an adventure together and create a virtual trucking company.

Alongside Aleksa and his company , we started developing our own software to provide a fun, friendly and respectful environment for our members.

Thanks to the consistency, resilience and hard work of our team, we are here today, celebrating our first year anniversary.

I’m going to personally thank some individuals who played a huge part on our success.

@BHtrucker @YumiiiL @Magmus568 Without you, none of this would happen, thank you for staying by my side and never let me down. It’s not an easy process but I think we can be proud of what we achieved so far.

@Sjovn To the Queen Sjovn, thank you for your unconditional support, advices, wisdom since day one. You know that to me, you are also one of the founders. Thank you for never letting us down and specially never letting me down.

@ATM | Shadows Mi Hermano, thank you for your advices and support since day one. One year ago, you were telling me that if I ever needed help, you’d be there for me. Thank your for your friendship and support.

@The Wizard Just like mi hermano above, you gave me important advices and support, I just wanted to let you know that it meant a lot back then, coming from someone with a vast experience.

@Cevil the Sus Founder Thank you for everything, our exchanges and conversations definitely help LuxTransports Group become better.

@Loupiotte @Davidsvr6-TMP @FelixZ1X. Thank you for your unconditional help and support during our public convoys. You are always the first to answer the call whenever we need, your experience in convoy organization definitely made our convoys better.

To all the L.T-G Staff , thank you for the hard work on daily basis and thank you for helping us running LuxTransports Group.

To all the drivers, you are the most important piece on the puzzle. Thank you for believing in us, without you none of this would be possible. Everything we do, all the investment is for you, I would personally thank every single one of you If I could. ❤

Last but not least, to the few individuals that didn’t believe in us, mock us along the way, thank you. Looks like we made it and look so far we’ve come. We still love you, in a way of course and we still want to see you at our convoy tonight.😂

LuxTransports Group future is bright and we’ll stick around for a while.

Best Regards, The Witcher / Acer_Tmp


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Created: 24 Mar 2022 19:06 UTC
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