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By Med Ali   |   29 Nov 2022 20:06 UTC | Updated on 10 Dec 2022 15:22 UTC

Arab Transport Virtual Trucking Company was founded on 1st November 2019. It's a unity of many drivers from Arabian countries. Arab Transport VTC was founded after a meeting with drivers, and we decided to open the company in 2019, allowing applications officially. Any driver can join us provided that they follow the company rules and TruckersMP rules. Arab Transport once was one of the biggest VTCs in TMP and surely was the biggest Arab VTC as it was open to all the arab countries without a limit, and as it was before we will continue our journey with the same concept but this time we are not only accepting drivers from the Arab countries but from around the world as we had suggestions that we include some drivers into our fleet, to cut it short ATVTC will be open to the whole trucking community to join and enjoy with us in our journey, that it will be the following: We run a public convoy once a week & we welcome everyone to attend, we also do our best to attend convoys hosted by other companies. Our jobs are logged through VTLOG, Trucksbook and navio, which creates competition between different companies on the platforms alongside competitions between drivers. At Arab Transport we are a family, join us to be part of it.

We try to be a different community, a united family of truckers.

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