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The new Alps Logistics has been established 新的Alps Logistics已成立

By Misty Island   |   15 May 02:50 UTC | Updated on 15 May 02:55 UTC

EN:We are very happy to inform you that Retro Classic Club has officially changed to Alps Logistics! We will be open to all players around the world, our VTC will have monthly convoy events, I think our first big event will happen on 2022/6/15, but this is just a prediction, as we all know, running a A good VTC is very difficult. All the senior staff of Alps Logistics will try their best to improve our VTC within a month. At present, we urgently need some players who can work for Media Team, Event Team and Admin Team. Players who have experience in these work. Priority will be given and we welcome every player to apply to join our Alps Logistics! In our team, everyone has an opportunity for promotion. All further information can be found on our Discord server. Due to the open recruitment of our team to the world, this article will be translated into Chinese and English, thank you for your support!

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Alps Logistics C.E.O

CN:我们非常开心的告诉各位,Retro Classic Club正式变更为Alps Logistics!我们将面向全世界所有玩家进行公开招募,我们的VTC每月都会举行车队活动,我想我们的第一次大型活动将会在2022/6/15发生,但这仅仅是预测,众所周知,运营一个好的VTC是非常难的,Alps Logistics的所有高层人员将在一个月内全力完善我们的VTC,目前我们急需一些能够为Media Team、Event Team以及Admin Team工作的玩家,有过这些工作经验的玩家将会被优先考虑,我们欢迎每一名玩家申请加入我们的Alps Logistics!在我们的团队中,每个人都有晋升的机会。所有进一步的信息都可以在我们的Discord服务器上找到。由于我们的车队面向全世界进行公开招募,本文章将被翻译成中英双语,感谢各位玩家的支持!


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