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Newsletter - December 2022

By Boofi_Softie   |   03 Jan 2023 06:30 UTC | Updated on 03 Jan 2023 18:37 UTC

Employee of the Month

Congratulations Yogesh Kumar , you have done exceptionally well to be the Employee of the Month for December 2022. You have driven a total of 76,863 KMs and earned 46,099 Nexon XP.

We congratulate you for a well earned Employee of the Month contributing your valuable time for us.

Picture of the Month

Suraboopathyk has been an exceptionally valuable part as any other member for Nexon Logistics. He shot the best snap representing the Nexon Logistics livery with the selected theme of snapping the photo on a mountainous area.

Development Updates

Updates in Discord

  1. Nexon Official Music Bot in Discord
  2. Added Bot Commands to Know your Nexon Xp From Discord ( -nxp (Discord Username) That shows you XP left to Next level.

Update is Driver's Hub

  1. Updated the page View of Nexon Logistics Wall of Patreons in Website
  2. Full version of Nexon Android App

Drivers Convoy Attendance In a total of 103 events in the year 2022 which Nexon Logistics attended, OZAIR attended the most convoys (69) followed by Faizur Rahman (65)

VTC Convoy Attendance

Nexon Logistics attended a total of 25 Events in the month of December 2022 with the most attendances on 5-12-22 Nexon Logistics December Convoy


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