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Newsletter - February 2023

By Boofi_Softie   |   03 Mar 2023 12:00 UTC | Updated on 03 Mar 2023 12:03 UTC

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Employee of the Month Congratulations on being YOGESH KUMAR the driver of the month! This is a great accomplishment, and we thank you for your hard work and dedication to the job. We appreciate your commitment to providing excellent customer service and safety on the roads. We know that you will continue to be an exemplary driver, and we look forward to seeing your continued success. Thank you for all that you do!

He has driven a total of 76102 km and earned 53836 Nexon XP.

Top 5 player who had completing for the Driver of Month in February 2023.

Picture of the Month -February 2023 Congratulations White_Tiger being chosen as Picture of the Month! This is a great accomplishment, and it is clear why this picture was chosen. It is a beautiful and unique image that captures the subject perfectly. We hope you enjoy your special recognition, and we look forward to seeing more amazing pictures of you in the future.

Summary of Events in February Month 2023

Our VTC attended 26 events in February 2023, including one public event and two private events. In that There is Race event is also included in Truckersmp Aracde Server and Winner of the Nexon Race events was Lokesh.He was awarded with a Valentines Skin Pack.

Driver Convoy Attendance In a total of 26 events in the Month of February 2023 which Nexon Logistics attended, Zoomspeed attended the most convoys (17) followed by FaizurRahman (15).

All time Driver Convoy Attendance

Development Updates

➥ Added Greetings in Website. ➥ Added Weekly & Monthly Challenges.

➥ Added Wall of Patreon in Hub. ➥ Added Patreon Resources (Visible Only To Patreon) Some Resources images.

➥ Added Training Section,

Examination Report

Here, we are Happy to announce the Report card of February 2023. This includes the results of the Cargo and Parking Test. The result be added as extra Point in Nexon XP in Hub and additional with job that Delivered.

We have added the Report those have applied for Examination. Last month Muhammed Ehsan has Applied for 5 exams .

Summary of Application in February 2023

In last we had received 24 New Application and Our Human Resources has Accepted Just 4 application and Declined 11 applications and 5 applications are Canceled and rest are in progress.

Thank you for Reading Nexon Newsletter of month.


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