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| Dolphin VTC Hierarchy System |

By PHΛИTØM   |   24 Oct 2022 21:30 UTC | Updated on 26 Oct 2022 20:26 UTC

  • Founder: He is the founder of the company and takes joint decisions with the management team.

  • CEO | Chief Executive Officer: Deals with the company's management team. He is in constant communication with the COO and the Founder.

  • COO | Chief Operating Officer: Sets the company's rules and vision. He is in constant communication with the management team and senior management.

  • Management Team: The management team takes care of the overall coordination of the server. Responsible for the human resources chief.

  • Senior Human Resources: He is the head of human resources in the company. He takes care of them and gives information about what to do. Provides regular checks of their duties.

  • Human Resources: Takes care of the members joining the company and registers them. It gives people information about the company.

  • Event Supervisor: Has command in convoys. It determines the time and route of the convoys. It deals with convoy invitations.

  • Community Moderator: Takes care of the Discord server. It takes action on any rule violation.


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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
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