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Dulcis Logistics | Private Convoy #2

By Dylаn   |   03 Aug 20:00 UTC | Updated on 05 Aug 23:15 UTC

Dulcis Logistics Private Convoy #1

How our convoy went -

On the 3rd August 2022 we held our second private convoy for drivers. We decided to this time hold the convoy in a DLC area. Although we did have less drivers attend than last week, the convoy was still a great success! :) We travelled a beautiful route through Italy with beautiful scenery, bendy and dirt roads and great views. We again received great feedback from the drivers which attended to convoy.

Here's some photos from our first convoy -

Dulcis Driver driving an Renault T

Dulcis Driver driving a Scania

Multiple Dulcis Drivers

Dulcis Driver driving a Scania with other Dulcis Drivers


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