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By [Polestar]*111*Eternal   |   24 Dec 2022 09:29 UTC | Updated on 24 Dec 2022 09:30 UTC

**极星车队(Polestar Logistics)**自2022年7月建队伊始,以“高标准,高规格”为根本,车队联运采取拟真跑法,我们以打造一流品牌的卡车模拟车队为终极追求目标。车队有着多年管理及驾驶经验。也与其它各大车队保持着良好关系。我们鉴定一个信念We Deliver The Future!我们创造未来!从现阶段来看,车队在线人数充实稳定,发展已经形成了一支有实力、有技术 、有经验的卡车模拟玩家队伍。我们坚持没有一辈子的游戏,只有一辈子的朋友理念。联运轻松活跃,日常开黑聊天,我们着坚定的信心,必成大器!

Since the establishment of Polestar Logistics in July 2022, based on the principle of "high standards and specifications", the motorcade intermodal transport adopts the pseudo real running method. Our ultimate goal is to create a first-class truck simulation motorcade. The team has many years of management and driving experience. It also maintains good relations with other major teams. We Deliver The Future! We create the future! At this stage, the number of online players of the team is substantial and stable, and a truck simulation player team with strength, technology and experience has been formed. We insist on the idea that there is no lifetime game, only lifetime friends. Intermodal transport is relaxed and active, and we have daily black chats. With firm confidence, we will become a big thing!


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