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VTC介绍 | VTC Introduction

By [Polestar]*111*Eternal   |   24 Dec 2022 09:31 UTC | Updated on 24 Dec 2022 09:42 UTC

什么是VTC?术语“VTC”是Virtual Trucking Company(虚拟货运公司)的首字母缩写。 但究竟什么是“虚拟货运公司?”嗯,这就是我们将在本文中讨论的内容!VTC概览VTC是社区开发的角色扮演概念,旨在增加虚拟货运体验。它们从TruckersMP开始就已存在,也可能在此之前。现在有数百个VTC,但是当概念刚开始时,只有少数几个。其中一些包括;ETR,APL,DZG,LKW在2015-2016几年里,更多的VTC成立,如EHHVTC,以及TSRVTC的品牌重塑。VTC的运作方式VTC在运营方式上非常公司化。这一切都取决于所述公司的管理,以及他们希望如何成为虚拟公司。最常见的是,VTC有一套易于识别为VTC的喷漆,例如:他们倾向于在所有与本车队有关的展示中保持一致的颜色基调,无论是网站还是队标。说到网站和队标,几乎所有的VTC都有一个网站,您可以在其中找到更多信息,与团队见面,查看他们车队的一些照片,甚至申请加入!根据VTC选择的招聘方法,您可以通过他们自己的系统申请,或使用TruckersMP VTC系统。

What is VTC? The term "VTC" is an acronym for Virtual Trucking Company. But what exactly is a "virtual freight company?" Well, that's what we'll discuss in this article! VTC Overview VTC is a role playing concept developed by the community to increase the virtual freight experience. They have existed since TruckersMP and may have existed before. There are hundreds of VTCs now, but when the concept started, there were only a few. Some of these include; ETR, APL, DZG and LKW in 2015-2016, more VTCs were established, such as EHHVTC, and the brand of TSRVTC was rebuilt. Operation mode of VTC VTC is very corporate in operation mode. It all depends on the management of the company and how they want to become a virtual company. The most common thing is that VTC has a set of paints that are easy to identify as VTC. For example, they tend to maintain a consistent color tone in all displays related to the team, whether it is the website or team logo. Speaking of website and team logo, almost all VTCs have a website where you can find more information, meet the team, view some photos of their team, and even apply to join! According to the recruitment method selected by VTC, you can apply through their own system or use the TruckersMP VTC system.


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