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车队规则 入队要求 | Requirements for team entry according to team rules

By [Polestar]*111*Eternal   |   24 Dec 2022 09:33 UTC | Updated on 24 Dec 2022 09:42 UTC

、各位新人加入新人群会有管理员与您联系,请您提供方便时间,管理员会按照你的时间安排一对一的新人审核 、新人审核为倒车入库,高速跟车行驶,紧急避险,定速巡航正确使用。 、加群后请在一个月内完成审核转正,否则将会被移出本群。 、联运模式为外部市场,联运前请确认游戏已连接world of trucks账号 使用自己的牵引车和挂车完成任务。请参考群文件统一车队涂装。

1、 The administrator will contact you when new people join the new crowd. Please provide convenient time. The administrator will arrange one-on-one review of new people according to your time 2、 The new person reviewed that the car should be used correctly for reverse warehousing, high-speed following, emergency avoidance and constant speed cruising. 3、 After adding a group, please complete the review and become a regular within one month, otherwise you will be removed from the group. 4、 The intermodal transport mode is external market. Before intermodal transport, please confirm that the game has connected to the world of trucks account to complete the task with your own tractor and trailer. Please refer to the group document for uniform fleet painting.


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