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车队联机规则 | Fleet Online Rules

By [Polestar]*111*Eternal   |   24 Dec 2022 09:35 UTC | Updated on 24 Dec 2022 09:42 UTC


  1. 车队内严禁各种谩骂及针对个人的人身攻击,禁止主动发起对其他车队或个人的车辆冲突;
  2. 车队编队联运过程中,严格遵守车队规范,做到服从指令、听从调度,遇事开双闪灯报本车呼号紧急停车道停车;
  3. 编队联运中严禁随意超车,特殊情况下需要超车(免费加速器到时,需在编队前方重连等待)的,需报呼号说明情况并提醒前面车辆靠右侧避让;
  4. 联运中掉线的车辆立即报告本车呼号,开双闪进入应急车道停车,待编队尾车经过掉线地点后上线尾随联运编队;
  5. 联运中不服从指令、不听从调度者,第一次发现警告,第二次严重警告,第三次直接开除,踢出车队。

In view of the increasing number of team members, the standard of team building in a standardized and systematic way has always been superficial. After unanimous discussion, all managers decided to further implement team building standards and standardize and institutionalize team management. To this end, the following management standards are formulated, and we hope that all team members will carefully read and strictly abide by them.

  1. It is strictly prohibited to abuse and personal attacks against individuals in the team, and it is prohibited to initiate vehicle conflicts against other teams or individuals;
  2. In the process of formation and intermodal transport of the fleet, strictly abide by the fleet specifications, obey the instructions and dispatch, and open double flashing lights to report the call sign of the vehicle to stop at the emergency stop lane;
  3. It is strictly prohibited to overtake at will during formation combined transport. If it is necessary to overtake under special circumstances (when the free accelerator arrives, it is necessary to wait in front of the formation again), call sign shall be reported to explain the situation and remind the vehicles ahead to keep to the right to avoid;
  4. The dropped vehicle in the intermodal transport shall immediately report its call sign, open a double flash to enter the emergency lane and stop, and after the tail vehicle of the formation passes the drop off location, it will go online and follow the intermodal transport formation;
  5. Those who do not obey the instructions or obey the dispatchers in the intermodal transport will be directly dismissed and kicked out of the team after the first warning, the second serious warning and the third direct dismissal.


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