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Welcome to our new, revamped VTC!

By Farm Shark   |   27 Aug 2021 12:00 UTC | Updated on 27 Aug 2021 21:54 UTC

Hey there!

We have re-opened our VTC! This means that things will start to become much more active than before. We have brought on some new staff members, reworked a bunch of channels, and revamped all of our game groups. While our main focus is being a role-play community on Flashing Lights, we plan to make our VTC just as good. As always it is still a requirement to be in our Discord server if you plan on joining the VTC, however it will certainly be an easier and better experience than it was before. So what are you waiting for? Find out everything that is new and more by joining our server via the Discord link under the social media page on our VTC home page.

Happy Trucking!

Farm Shark

Head of VTC Division Co-Founder of Freedom RP Group



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