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SCS Software bought TIRSAN's trailer license!

By King_T   |   21 Dec 2022 13:00 UTC | Updated on 21 Dec 2022 13:30 UTC

Hello, driver! Today is a good day because SCS Software bought TIRSAN's license to make TIRSAN and Kässbohrer trailers! After Feldbinder DLC got out, which most of the players love it, this will be the best DLC for Turkish players since its the first Turkish brand that SCS partnered with. PR & Marketing director Nemiro, Industry partnership director Oscar and Technic Artist Selçuk İslamoğlu, known as "SiSL" from SCS came to visit Turkey, İstanbul in order to make a partnership and buy the license of TIRSAN. SCS and TIRSAN knew eachother from IAA Hannover fair.

SCS also bought Talson's trailer license, which there is no information about, but its possible that there will be a DLC for it too. There has been no 3D or normal photos for making the DLC or trailers and there has been no plans to visit TIRSAN to get the information about it yet, but our guess is that SCS will visit the European or Istanbul dealership for it. We will inform you later if they update the situation.



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