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We have lowered our requirements!

By King_T   |   05 Mar 09:00 UTC | Updated on 05 Mar 09:11 UTC

After our latest news post, we have changed a few things. First, we recruited 2 staff members for our team, which are highly experienced inside our team. We now have a blacklist, kilometer check and monthly driver selection to note about it for staff only. Back to the topic, we realized that the requirements are too high for the average driver that will join us, so we decided to lower the requirements.

Italic text is the old one, bold text is the new one

Atleast 5000 kilometers monthly 1000 kilometers monthly
Attending 2 convoys monthly No requirement
Using our tag and livery all the time Using our tag in game all the time, and our livery for all the public/private convoys/meetings)

You can now apply from the Apply Now button, since we have an application process already in the TruckersMP page. Have a nice day, we will rise back!



Tag: Starlight LLC.
Language: English
Created: 03 Dec 2022 20:46 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Owner: Blarn
Members: 6
Recruitment: Open