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Euro Heavy Haulage, "Service Makes The Difference" | An Introduction

By EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5   |   13 Jul 2019 20:22 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Euro Heavy Haulage is one of the longest standing VTC's in the TMP community. Ever since October 2016, we have never shut down, taken time away, or left the VTC for any reason. We are ETS2 based VTC, but we also support ATS in some aspects. ETS2 has always, and will always be our main focus, hence the name, "Euro" Heavy Haulage.

Myself (Gamer) and my Dear friend RadioJay Founded Euro Heavy Haulage back in 2016. We had both been in VTC together before, but, we always felt like something was missing. We set out to create a trucking community of our own, something we could be proud of, something we knew others would also like to join. We hire drivers from all over the world, all races and all cultures. If you can drive, if you're friendly, you're in. It's that simple. However, once you're in, it doesn't end there, we host weekly company drives crisscrossing all over Europe. We call them "The EHH RoadTrip". alt text

We have our very own, custom made DriversHub. To our knowledge, no other VTC has what we have here at Euro Heavy Haulage. We've created a system entirely from scratch, meaning, better customisation for our needs, as well as showing dedication and hard work. It shows that we care for you as well as being committed to giving you the best experience possible. alt text

Here are a few Examples of our DriversHub alt text

alt text


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