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EHHVTC | Role Structure

By EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5   |   12 Jan 2020 20:40 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Founder - We are to be contacted regarding,

  • Larger Event Invites.
  • Possible Partnership requests.
  • Complaints about staff/ management members.
  • Legal or copyright issues etc.

Higher Management under Driver & Event Department - We are to be contacted regarding,

  • Driver complaints, VTC enquiries, applications. (Be sure to contact DM | danbrown2002 or Examiner | Tidders)

  • VTC event invites/ smaller weekly events/ internal EHHVTC company drives. (Be sure to contact EM | Charlie for this)

Higher Management under Media Department - We are to be contacted regarding,

  • Banners, Images, Videos, social media advertising. (Be sure to contact Media Manager | Ollie for this)

Lower Management under Driver & Event Department - We are to be contacted regarding,

  • VTC enquiries, applications (Be sure to contact Examiner | HandCuff or Examiner | Andy or Examiner PureFrance)

Management Levels

Here at EHHVTC, we have two, technically three, levels of management. We have, Founders - The highest level within the VTC. Higher Management - Middle Management Level Lower Management- Lowest Management Level

Founders, Manage all and every section of the VTC when needed. We will decide the future for the VTC. Large choices and changes to the VTC.

Higher Management, These manage individual sections of the VTC. We have one Driver Manager, one Veteran/ Lead Examiner, an Events Manager and a Media Manager.

The Driver Manager handles all areas to do with drivers/ upcoming drivers (applicants)

  • Applicants
  • Driver Ranking (Jr. Driver to Driver etc)
  • Driver Activity

The Lead Examiner works very closely with the Driver Manager. They almost share the same role and responsibilities.

  • Applicants Approval/ decline
  • Driving Exams
  • Driver Activity

The Events Manager handles all areas with events that involve the VTC.

  • Planning Company Drives - Upcoming Public Monthly Convoys
  • Creating Event profiles for company and large community events

The Media Manager handles all public & internal media posts made for the VTC, whilst also managing our in-house media team

  • Recruitment Banners
  • Company drive banners
  • Public announcement banners
  • Website design and development.

Lower Management

Lower management is a new development. They're our examiner team. They work under the Driver Manager and Lead Examiner. They will take approved applications from the Higher management team and carry out driving exams, as well as light interviews to get to know them as a person.

  • Driving Exams
  • Short Interviews
  • Driver Activity.

Please do not contact a management member for a section that they do not handle, you can leave a simple message to be passed on, but do not expect a confirmation.


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