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By EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5   |   15 Aug 2021 14:18 UTC | Updated on 15 Aug 2021 14:20 UTC

EHHVTC has been around for many years now, we will be hosting our 5th Year Anniversary in October but before then, we have decided that we should interact in more ways with you, the community. Whilst concentrating on our internal affairs, improving our workflow and technology, we stepped back from direct community engagement. It is now time that we reapply ourselves into the community expanding our footprint.

As many of you have seen/ attended, we have recently started our Bi-weekly convoys once again, as to which our last public convoy attracted over 70 people. We were amazed at the sheer amount of people that attended our event, which made us realise that we should probably open up our Convoy Control team again. We did not expect so many people to attend due to us only just starting our convoys again, but how wrong we were. In the coming weeks we plan to improve and expand our CC team to use at our public events.

Without revealing our plants, but our 5year anniversary is being planned to be different. We will still be doing the usual, Meetup/ Truckfest followed by a convoy. However, we feel that this has become very generic and that we could improve this a little, so, there shall be some events as well as a VTC vs VTC competitions. More information will be released in the coming weeks with all the required information.


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