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EHH Attend Gokboru Boss's Birthday And A Day Of Remembrance.

By BigDave1985   |   11 Sep 2022 23:34 UTC | Updated on 11 Sep 2022 23:35 UTC

On September 11th, Euro Heavy Haulage attended the Gokboru Boss's Birthday event, on a dedicated server.

It was another fantastic event held by the legendary Gokboru team and consisted of a great meetup at the start and a fantastic route. We wish Berk a fantastic birthday and hope that you have an amazing day.

On a sadder note, today is also 21 years since the twin towers attack in New York. The event is still in our memories and our thoughts are with those affected. May we all strive to live in a world of peace and love.

We leave you with a photo from the Gokboru event:


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