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By ImOllie   |   03 Feb 2020 01:42 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

The EHHVTC Technology Team is certainly something that doesn't gain that much publicity, but we play a vital role in EHH's departments' smooth-running.

We are very proud to announce two new web apps, which have had months of development each.

What's new?

- EHHVTC Panel 2.0

The new panel version boasts a truck load (pun fully intended) of new features, and a slick, responsive new design! Features including a tutorial, improved downloads, brand new driver insurance, rewards and fuel cards, EHHVTC has taken a big step up, in all things technology.

alt text

- EHHVTC Website 3.0

With our ever developing and expanding brand, there's a requirement for all sections to keep up! By introducing version 3.0 of our website, we've certainly done so! With features never seen before on an EHHVTC Website, such as a fully automated news & event system, department sections and improved recruitment system, what's not to like?

alt text

Using innovative programming techniques and languages to stay ahead and decrease the need for constant maintenance and headaches.

Driver experience is such an important part of what we do here at EHH, and having intuitive, easy to use content which improves the feeling of simulation and enjoyment is a top priority. Our technology team constantly takes feedback from drivers, department members and managers to improve the tech we have.

You can visit the new website at - we hope you like the new design!


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