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By .Tony   |   20 Feb 09:15 UTC | Updated on 20 Feb 09:15 UTC

Hello Reader

We created this VTC on 2023.2.18. Its original intention is to gather some truck simulation game lovers, and hope that the creation of this VTC can go to the world

  • First of all, we will adjust the personnel department in the near future, so that everyone can be in a suitable or experienced position.

  • We will also start short term recruitment in the near future. Although our application entrance is open, we have no idea of recruiting drivers for the time being, because we lack a lot of things to improve. Regarding our recruitment, you can join our channel, as long as you meet our requirements If you request, you can join us, but we want to add a temporary condition, to participate in Convoy at least once a month.

  • We are also looking for talents to join us, if you want to find more information about it, please join our channel

Management Team 2023.2.20



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