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VTC has started recruitment

By .Tony   |   22 Mar 05:05 UTC | Updated on 22 Mar 05:10 UTC

Our VTC has started recruitment now, if you want to find an excellent international team Henry Logistics is a good choice.

Current requirements for drivers:

  • You need to be over 18 years old
  • You need to have discord software and be able to use it proficiently
  • You need to have a certain foundation in English, not using Google Translate
  • You need to have a certain active performance, for example, you need to complete the mileage of 1000km per month
  • To join for the first time, you need to attend an interview in English
  • Need to participate in convoy at least twice a month

The above are some requirements for our drivers, although there are many requirements, but these can be easily completed, we are very much looking forward to your joining..

Join our Discord Server: Henry Logistics

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