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New Ranks, who dis?

By mth.   |   21 Oct 2023 23:00 UTC | Updated on 21 Oct 2023 23:25 UTC

Hello dear community,

Pean Logistics is always excited to introduce new features and challenges to keep our drivers motivated and eager to hit the road. A crucial element in making these features come to life is our custom DriversHub powered by CHub.

We have recently launched 35 new nut-themed driver ranks on our Hub. Earn points by driving, achieve a new rank at every significant milestone, and climb higher on our leaderboard!

With these new ranks, you'll start out as a humble sunflower seed, climb the ranks from chestnut to pecan, become a rare golden nut, and much more. The world is yours to crack open!

Not a Pean Logistics driver yet? What are you waiting for? Head over to our DriversHub and apply today. We have several more exciting features in store to enhance your experience on both ETS 2 and ATS even more, and to connect with a fantastic community.


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