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NubSquad Weekly Mini-Convoy

By nobo   |   04 Nov 2023 09:00 UTC | Updated on 07 Dec 2023 03:39 UTC

To cater to the lack of events that are hosted in a suitable time zone for countries in Oceania, we have decided to host a small convoy each week. The convoy will be scheduled to depart each Saturday at 09:30 UTC [19:30 AEST, 20:30 AEDT, 22:30 NZST, 22:30 NZDT]. For the best experience, we mostly choose routes that are in DLC areas / ProMods which aren't commonly used in convoys, and events will be hosted for not only on ETS2, but also occasionally ATS. Everyone is welcome to join!

为了解决大洋洲国家缺乏在合适的时间举办的活动,我们决定将每个星期举办一次小型联运。联运计划于每周六 09:30 UTC [17:30 北京时间] 出发 。为了获得最佳体验,我们主要选择 DLC 区域/ProMod 的路线,因这些区域的路线在联运中不常用。联运不仅会在欧卡上面举办,我们偶尔也会有美卡的活动。欢迎大家来参与!


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