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How to apply for our VTC:

By nobo   |   13 Dec 2023 14:40 UTC | Updated on 13 Dec 2023 14:56 UTC

If you wish to apply and join the VTC, all you have to do is apply on the TruckersMP page:

There is no application, and more information will be provided when you have been accepted

The only requirements are:

  • You must drive in a safe manner if there are other people nearby and you follow all TruckersMP rules
  • You use our paintjob and tag when attending events or driving together with us

如果您想申请加入 VTC,您需在 TruckersMP 上申请:



  • 如果附近有其他玩家,必须以安全方式驾驶,并且遵守所有TruckersMP规则
  • 在参加活动或与我们一起驾驶时需使用我们的涂装和tag


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