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Prime Logistics Fortnightly Convoy 20 - The Alps! || 20/09/2019

By Matt   |   06 Dec 2019 22:40 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Prime Logistics invites you to their Fortnightly Convoy!

This time we're taking you from Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe and the drive will go past Reims, through small country roads towards Strasbourg before heading south, passing Zürich. Once we reach Zürich you'll be able to test your trucks full potential as we're pushing our way past the Swiss Alps before arriving at eAcres just north of Turin.

Interested? You can find information below to tag along!

• Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 • Server: Simulation 2 • Date: Friday 29th November 2019 • Advised Meetup Time: 19:45 GMT • Scheduled Departure Time: 20:00 GMT • Starting Location: Luxembourg, ITCC • Destination: Turin, eAcres • Route: • NoTimeZone: • ETS2c: • DLC: None


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