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Last week's mission, deliver to Berlin!

By Voltera   |   21 Apr 21:00 UTC | Updated on 21 Apr 21:00 UTC

We regularly organize missions to motivate the drivers to contribute to a collective goal. Last week the goal was to supply the city of Berlin with as many cargoes as possible. The city, which counts as many as 3.7 million people, always need all kinds of different goods. Up to the Global Cargo drivers to supply the residents of their much-needed provisions.

Together, our drivers drove 290 cargoes to Berlin. The only requirement bing that the distance of the job was at least 250Km. The goal of 270 deliveries was achieved, and thus every driver involved is rewarded with a 10% bonus on top of their income.

The pictures underneath will give you an impression of how our drivers worked together to achieve the goal.

(Pictures by: L N X)


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