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By Slammed_Ukk   |   10 Mar 2022 17:14 UTC | Updated on 28 May 03:12 UTC

RTLVTC is always open to recruiting new members, however, we won't be accepting people through the TruckersMP application process.
We've been working very hard on our DriversHub the last few months, that intergrates applications and Driver Management all in one system.
The only way to get into this group, as in, on here, you would have to apply via our application centre, To make sure we know you're in RTLVTC, please link your DriversHub profile in the application. This is so we know you are RTL.

Creation of a Profile on our DriversHub. ◘ Name? eg, Joe
◘ Username? eg, JoeKnight001
◘ Email Address; [email protected]
◘ Discord ID? eg, 692780839041237023

Question that will be asked on our application,
◘ DOB? You must be at least 14 years old (Born on or before November 2, 2008).
◘ TruckersMP ID?
◘ Previous Ban(s)?
◘ Why do you want to join?
◘ What is your previous experience?
◘ Why should we accept you?
We hope you are successful with your application and are excited to see you in the Discord as this is where the buzz of the VTC is!


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