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BVAR Trucking Now Hiring!!

By Replay__   |   22 Mar 2021 02:49 UTC | Updated on 03 Feb 04:01 UTC

BVAR Trucking Now Recruiting Drivers

Are you looking for a fun, friendly and relaxed VTC? Then look no further BVAR Trucking are looking for you? Below are some of the benefits of being in BVAR Trucking VTC.


  1. Meet New People
  2. Get to participate in monthly VTC convoys
  3. Get to partake in charity events that we have booked by our highly experienced Event Management Team
  4. Active community overall
  5. Highly active VTC Staff team


  1. You must be able to speak and understand English
  2. Do a minimum of 500 Miles a Month
  3. Be in our discord to be a member of the VTC (Doesnt mean you need to be in VC all the time.)
  4. Be 17+ To Join
  5. Always have tags on at all times
  6. Must use VTC colours at VTC monthly Convoys, Charity Events And Public Events
  7. Must use trucksbook as that is system we use to log our jobs


Our Facebook:

Our Twitter:

Our Discord

Do all of these things fit your requirements? Then why not apply today? Visit: and apply on the trucksbook too. Lastly just want to say thank you very much for reading and we hope to see you,

Regards, Replay BVAR Trucking CEO


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