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BVAR Trucking's May Update

By GDsouza   |   01 Jun 00:00 UTC | Updated on 02 Jun 17:25 UTC

Driver Of The Month ETS2 - Killer Frost & XGirlWhoPlayz

Killer Frost is at the top of the company leaderboard again with 84,661 mi (136,249 km) driven this month.

Congratulations to XGirlWhoPlayz, who put in 33,891 mi (54,543 km)

Driver of The Month ATS - dadjokes89

With 27,420 mi (44,128 km), dadjokes89 takes the title of driver of the month on ATS.

Banner Of The Month - ADeadGuyUK

Through the month, we drove 672,343 miles

That's 610,028 mi (981,745 km) on ETS2, and 62,315 mi (100,286 km) on ATS.

Here are some pictures from convoys BVAR has driven

Star Logistics Opening Convoy

Stride Haulage May Convoy

Starry Convoys | May 2022

BVAR Trucking May Monthly Convoy


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