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🌞 August News - What has August been for us 🚚

By Raymond_   |   10 Aug 2022 14:00 UTC | Updated on 10 Aug 2022 22:31 UTC

Hello truckers! 👋

What has happened this month 🙂?

This month, our drivers have been designing their own unique liveries for their trucks and trailers on singleplayer. We are looking into making some of our very own liveries in the future, like we did previously but with more of a flash effect to make our deliveries. We are always looking at developing our little VTC so add that extra touch to the game to make it more realistic! 😎

You can view one of our drivers design below which they designed for their own singleplayer VTC.

We may use some of the concept for our VTC. 👇

An event from the past 🚛!

A few months ago we attended a little truckfest hosted on American Truck Simulator on a field which is very popular for these kind of events! You can view a picture below. This was hosted by BST, a popular American Truck Simulator VTC. We thank them very much for the event and hope more come soon.🤩

We thank you for reading Augusts news post. Have a good summer! 😄


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