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🌞 September News - What has September been for us 🚚

By Smacky.   |   07 Sep 2022 12:30 UTC | Updated on 07 Sep 2022 19:00 UTC

Hello truckers! 👋

What has happened this month 🙂?

This month, one of our drivers DuskMink has shown us his artistic work of his own concept of a DAF XF truck in our livery. An image below shows the truck and the art work, which is pretty impressive!

Some of drivers have been using their creativity skills in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map editor to create their own towns and cities for singleplayer use.

Updates to our Discord Bot 🎮!

With the recent changes by Discord, we are slowly introducing slash commands into our driver reward systems for the mileage they do on the roads! We hope to introduce this over the coming month and have it fully operational without commands.

The month of September has mostly been quiet, however we thought we would keep you up to date!

We thank you for reading September news post. Have a good summer! 🙂


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