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Language: Romanian
Created: 20 Jul 2019 11:12 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: bossferro1982
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Latest VTC Posts

Our Mercedes Truck on Sahlan Convoy

The beautiful Mercedes on the convoy with Sahlan

10 Jan 08:34 UTC   |   Bogdi..

The first international convoy of 2022

Internation convoy with TQD(The Quick Delivery)

08 Jan 08:16 UTC   |   Bogdi..

Primul pe 2022/the first on 2022

Dubla sarbatoare/Double celebration

07 Jan 07:45 UTC   |   I0NUT

ANUL 2022?2022 YEAR

A veni un alt an,cu alte planuri/Another year has come, with other plans

03 Jan 07:18 UTC   |   I0NUT

La multi ani/happy new year

LA MULTI ANI/Urari de bine pentru cei apropiati

31 Dec 2021 09:12 UTC   |   I0NUT


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Elih's Community Convoys | Charity Event

Elih's Community Convoys | Charity Event

09 Jul 15:00 UTC



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TTFR 4 Year Anniversary

TTFR 4 Year Anniversary

09 Jul 19:00 UTC



Event Server

240 13 54

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