车队长期招收稳定 队员 管理 接待 应聘YY336344

货运规则 Freight Rules

1 -申请进入虚拟公司的申请司机必须年满至少18岁以上

1 -The age of applicants must be at least 18 years old

2 -进入虚拟公司的申请司机必须在Steam上拥有原始游戏ETS2或ATS

2 -The driver must own the original game of ETS 2 or ATS on Steam

3 -积极参与公司的工作和各项活动

3 -Actively participate in the company's work and activities

4 -申请司机通过面试后必须在Trucksbook上申请进入公司

4 -The driver must apply to join the company on the Trucksbook after the interview

5 -申请人的试用期为1星期,最长为2星期

5 -The probationary period is 1 week, maximum 2 weeks

6 -每个驱动程序必须使用最新游戏版本ETS2和ATS

6 -The driver must use the latest game versions of ETS2 and ATS

7 -每名司机每月最低行驶里程为3万公里

7 -The monthly minimum mileage for each driver is 30,000 kilometers

8 - 必须使用Trucksbook客户端来记录你运输记录

8 - The driver must use the Trucksbook client to record your Driven Distance

9 -司机需要完成调度员派发任务每月至少接受10张订单

9 -The driver must complete at least 10 dispatch tasks per month

10 - 禁止使用任何形式作弊,禁止修改存档代码,禁止MOD作弊或者等其他技术作弊

10 - Prohibit drivers from using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using in-game console, cheat engine in order to bypass the speed limiter, save editing.

11 -驾驶员必须使用公司前缀Yy:336344

11 -The driver must use the Yy:336344 as the tag in TruckersMP

12 -行驶时速不得超过100km/h

12 -Speed of travel must not exceed 100km/h

13 -在TruckersMP 和IFMP行驶时候需要链接Discord或YY语音频道

13 -Link to Discord or YY Voice when driving in TruckersMP or IFMP

14 - 未遵守这些规则公司管理层有权解雇

14 - Managers have the right to dismiss drivers who do not follow these rules


If there were new regulations, they will be updated as soon as possible.

By [N.Six] - MoLosion   |   30 Aug 2019 20:05 UTC



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