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► Update regarding the Drivershub ◄

By JustBrankoGaming   |   23 Jul 16:25 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC


You have spotted many leaks on our social media, but now we can finally announce something very exiting!


New Drivershub

Recently our Director of Development left the VTC, but with Nathan joining we had a new developer. He, and Matt, decided that it was better to completely rebuild the Drivershub; and this has been happening over the last few weeks. They have done their best to completely rebuild the Drivershub to release it as soon as possible. And now we can finally announce that the new Drivershub will be released next Monday (26/07)!

Keep in mind, most features from the old Drivershub will be in the new one, but there may still be bugs. The staff team has been testing a lot, but we are only with 51 people, but our development team is ready to respond on every bug that may be found. So, please report it in the corresponding channel.


New tracker

A new Drivershub also means a new tracker, it will be the same as before. We find this the best way for our drivers, the tracker just runs in the background when starting up the game and automatically logs every job. That's what we strive for in our laid-back VTC.


Pointing system

In before we had a ranking system based on mileage and time in the VTC, but many people could not progress due to their time in the VTC. That's why management has been rethinking the whole concept, and they came up with a new pointing system. Your rank is now based on the amount of points you have, but not on the time in the VTC; so you'll not be held back by that. We've also renamed, and most importantly, added some ranks which has been requested a lot by our drivers. You receive a different amount of points for different actions:

  • When attending an event you will receive 500 points;
  • When driving 1 km you will receive 1 point;
  • When completing an exam you will receive 1.000 points.

Scared of losing all your progress? No worries, all the date will be converted to the new Drivershub, so you will still have all your exams, mileage and events attended. But keep in mind that it may take a while until your driver rank is changed on our Discord server, the HR team will try to do this as soon as possible.

This little graphic may help you to understand the new pointing system:

Picture pointing system


Interested in using our new Drivershub, why not join our VTC? Apply at today!



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