Real Operations V13!


If you attended our 12th Real Operations in September, you may have been impressed with our wide range of custom vehicles involved to pull off such a massive event.

With that being said, Real Operations is returning to Europe once again!



Our upcoming Real Operations will be the best Euro Trucks Simulator 2 event yet! Featuring lots of new vehicles and operations, you will be joined amongst thousands of players experiencing our most thrilling European adventure.

Everything will be happening in real-time for you and your fellow truckers to witness. From emergency vehicles responding to incidents, including; fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances, to dynamic custom roadworks, rescue missions, and even police chases!

This time though, an operation could occur right in front of your eyes, as we look to immerse you in the experience further by having the incidents take place in real time!

Real Operations V13

There's not long to wait before you're in your truck and experiencing our thirteenth edition of TruckersMP's large scale event.

We're very excited to confirm the event will be live on Sunday 12 June 2022 between the hours of 15:00 - 19:00 UTC. That's four hours to experience the real operations.

If you're not sure when you can play in your timezone, please refer to our Alternative Timezones.

Real Ops V13 will be held around eight different cities ranging from Calais, Paris, and Mannheim. All of the cities and roads where the operations take place are shown in the event zone map below.


In Real Operations, you can choose which city you start in, and where you want to end. You can take a trailer with any destination or use your own trailer if you've purchased one.

You don't need to set a destination, either! Participants are welcome to freely roam on the highlighted area above to experience any route you choose. Want to check out that awesome operation again? You can always return to the operation by turning around safely such as using a junction or simply going around in a circle! Just don't stop in a live lane!

This is going to be a unique event and as such the temporary rules have been adjusted to ensure it goes smoothly. It is strongly suggested that you read them before attending the event to ensure that you fall within them!

It is also strongly recommended that you read our Smart Sign knowledge base article as this event will make heavy use of these custom assets!

Some important details if you want to join:

Server: Real Ops V13

Temporary Official Event Rules: Click here!

Smart Sign Knowledge Base Article: Click here!

We hope you're as excited as we are.. see you there!

-TruckersMP Team

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