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This article will guide and explain to you the meaning of the new overhead signals you may see on the road whilst driving around on TruckersMP.

The first thing you notice when you enter a section where Smart Signs are in use is the information signs warning you that you are entering a managed zone. Here is what they look like: Managed Motorway Sign

Having entered this area you will notice the overhead gantries where a screen is displayed over each lane. These can display varying speed restrictions, lane closures or Red X signals. Alongside the screens over each lane you will note there is a large message board. This will display useful information to you about the road conditions ahead. Here is a gantry with no messages to display aside from the hard shoulder not being used as a live lane. Where the screens are not in use you should assume the national speed limit. Empty Gantry

Now we know what the signs look like when they are off we will now study how they can be used to safely manage traffic round incidents and help reduce traffic jams.

In this example the speed has been reduced to 90 Kph across all three of the open lanes. Note that the hard shoulder is displaying a Red X still which means it should only be used like a regular hard shoulder and not a driving lane. The hard shoulder should only be used as directed by the overhead signals. We can also see that the signs are warning of roadworks ahead which is likely the key factor the speed has been reduced. Reduced Speed Limit

Pay close attention to the overhead signals as they may not be the same across each lane. For example a lane that is set to leave the motorway could have its speed restriction lifted but the rest of the motorway could still be operating at a reduced speed. Varying Speed Restriction

It is also important to note that the information screen has changed to warn that a lane is about be closed and that you should be prepared to change lanes upon seeing this signal. The lane change arrows will likely be showing at the next overhead gantry.

Having just passed the previous signals you will be greeted with a merge arrow above a lane. Upon seeing this you should seek to move in the direction it is pointing. You can distinguish that a merge arrow is being displayed due to the flashing amber lights above and below the signal. The main message signal will have also changed too! Usually you will be given two opportunities to merge before the Red X is displayed. Merge

In this gantry you can see the Red X clearly displayed. These are distinguished by the their red flashing lights to the left and right of the sign. It is an offence to drive underneath these signals therefore it is imperative you move out of those lanes into one with a speed limit displayed above it. This is because there is danger ahead in the lane and in this image you can see there are cones in the lanes displaying the Red X signals. Red X

Once the incident is over you will see either the national speed limit sign or a speed restriction above the lane which means you can use it again. The message board will have changed also. Cleared

In this next section we will look at how the hard shoulder may be opened as a driving lane to increase traffic capacity.

In this image a speed limit is displayed over the hard shoulder and the main message board displaying that you can use the hard shoulder. When this is in operation stopping on the hard shoulder is forbidden. If you find yourself unable to continue your journey you should F7 + Enter to the service station as soon as possible to avoid blocking a live lane. In this example it is being used to effectively replace the lane which is closing so no capacity is lost improving your journey time. Dynamic Hard Shoulder

When the hard shoulder is no longer going to be used as a driving lane merge arrows will be displayed in good time and the message board will display warning of the lane closure. End Dynamic Hard Shoulder

Finally after the merge arrows warning of the closure a flashing Red X will be displaying and the main message board stating that the hard shoulder has returned to emergency use only meaning that it can no longer be used as a driving lane. It is an offence to continue to do so. Dynamic Closed Shoulder

By following Smart Signs you will be doing your bit to help keep the traffic flowing and keep you and others safe on the roads. Red X signals are displayed for a reason as there could be roadworks, broken down vehicles, or objects in the road. REMEMBER It is an offence to drive underneath them!



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